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What are we about?

SkeletonArts was created as a full-fledged NFT and crypto studio by a small group of friends, NFT enthusiasts and lifetime supporters of all cool things.

From the start we wanted to bring something new, original and fresh to the table, sometimes not playing it safe, but rather trying some new forms. This also challenges us to generate truly unique concepts, implement engaging mechanisms and adopt intriguing We strive to deliver exciting content and otherwise reward the supporting and friendly community we are building.

Want to know what we can do? Just get in touch with us!

Original concepts

We always strive for our concepts to be unique and memorable. Bringing a diversity to the NFT market is fun and allows to express our personality rather than banking on the 'safe bets'.

Unique mechanisms

We enjoy exciting our followers by implementing distinctive and often unprecedented mechanisms into our collections, both from the engagement and utility perspectives.

Real utilities

A strong focus on the utilitarian side of NFTs allows us to implement wholesome applications of our projects, not some distant promisses of making a vaguely usable feature.

Community focus

Any project is only as succesful as its community, that is why we aspire to give as much power to our supporters, provide with useful insights and please with awesome engaging activities.

Mutual help

NFT projects often split the community into unhealthy rivalry, and whilst competition is key to overall improvement, we appreciate bringing the community closer together rather than apart.

Encouraging talents

The world is not fair by many measures and frequently talented individuals have no means of shining. We rejoice in providing opportunities for everyone and help them and their ideas grow.


Alike other industries, a strong networking not only nourishes progress, but benefits the community of followers, fuels everyone with bright ideas and generally induces many smiles.


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" (B. Franklin). Crypto and NFT space should not be scary for the newcomers, but should rather welcome by providing education and transparency.

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ThetaTeeth is our piloting project with the entire collection of 3232 NFTs built around teeth. The idea was to follow the steps of our distant ancestors, who collected animal (and not only) teeth to show their affiliation to hunter groups, used teeth as currency and jewellery, medicine and shaman rituals. Just like them, we have created a collection of very symbolic tokens, the holders of which are surely going to be distinguished amongst NFT collectors, as well as receive many awesome perks and royalties. (ThetaTeeth website)

MATRËSHKA (Matryoshka) dollhouse is an NFT-based project revolving around storytelling and a series of tasks to be completed by the holders to acquire a prize with a real-life value in the end (The BIG Quest). The collection aims to entertain the supporters, while pushing the boundaries of classic straightforward lore development by adding interactivity and the need for progression. Lore-friendly breeding-like mechanic, advantages for completing a set, unique merchandise, blockchain DRM technologies and various tangible utilities - expect these and many more perks!
(MATRËSHKA dollhouse website)

This project was opened to discussion within the team a long time ago. However, given the massive scale of ambitions required to be fulfilled for the project to work, the entire concept was carefully placed in a safe made of vibranium-unobtanium alloy, cast in a different dimension and is guarded by unicorns 42/8 (guess time works differently there). The only thing known is that when the world would be ready to participate in this NFT collection, they will be astonished and PERPLEXed.

THE BIG QUEST is a series of quests that consist of interactions through the different types of media content like image, video, audio or gaming. The end goal is to get an access to the wallet with the prize. The wallet address will be released during the quest. (ThetaTeeth website)


Art is the first aspect of an NFT project that potential followers witness, in many cases becoming the pinnacle of success for the project itself. Art is subjective by definition, yet every style of artistic expression the followers could be found. Making your vision come true through the self-expression in art can be a great way to achieve recognition and emphasize the uniqueness of your collection.

  • unique art to highlight points, references and ideas important to you

  • various styles at your disposal

  • ability to have complex and multi-layered generative art

  • adopt the usage of AI generated art through some of the most advanced AI algorithms and neural networks

  • witness the work-in-progress and control the outcome of every pixel

Concept creation is a deep, meaningful, yet draining and daunting task. It requires putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, while making sure it is not under- or over-saturated, is coherent and organic. Cramming all ideas and NFT novelties into one project can harm it as much as giving too little thought. When we formulate a concept, it evolves through many iterations, drafts and brainstorms. This is not to mention vigorous research and careful examination of the competitors.

  • piece of mind first: we can sign an NDA to give you confidence

  • boucne your ideas off us, or let us brainstorm them together with you

  • provide us with the components and we would assemble them for you

Design of your brand, just like the art, expresses your own beliefs and perspectives to the audience. From the appropriate font type to having an eye-catching color scheme - we can do it for you.

  • logo and font-type designing

  • full brandbook development

  • extending the brandbook to webkit

  • constructive amendments to the existing design

Execution is the process of putting all the predeceasing hard-work to the right use. A wrong implementation of the right idea can be the difference between success and failure.

  • detailed and structured plan from day one

  • step-by-step monitoring with statistics

  • flexible approaches tailored to the situation

  • comments, constructive critique and oversight of the processes

Media is a diverse deep ocean of platforms, delivering varying content types with the goal of widening the audience. As calm the ocean can be, storms are inevitable. With our own and partnering media captains, your vessel will stay safe.

  • broad spectre of available media platforms

  • creation of unique content

  • moderation of the existing media sources/

  • advice and oversight of the chosen media strategies

Promotion, although being strongly correlated to the use of social media, involves the art of correct engagement with the audience. Being persistent without being irritating, frequent but non-depreciating in value.

  • creating, organizing and conducting airdrops

  • cross-promoting via our partners and fellow creators

  • initializing and sustaining public engagement

  • attracting influencers

Utility is the other side of the "success coin" to an NFT project. Regardless how eloquent the art is, a list of spectacular utilitarian options can bring a project to the top of the food chain. We are strong believers in NFT utility and value quality over quantity.

  • forming a reasonable utility for the project

  • developing unique and suitable for the project utilities

  • helping to implement the existing utilities

  • finding cross-platform utility usage and adoption

Website is and perhaps should be the starting point for any followers to get familiar with the project, get insights, be able to read the roadmap and glance the first sneak peaks. We can help develop a unique and outstanding website, from a simple landing page to a full-fledged portal with complex mechanisms and integrations.

  • designing from scratch or using the existing webkit and design guidelines

  • creating and coding manually or with a preferred website builder

  • hosting and launching the website

  • fully developing and managing the website tailored to the project



Please check our official websites of the corresponding projects for the Roadmaps.


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